RESOLVE is a flexible neural machine translation solution that combines people and technology to deliver multilingual Player Support at scale. It maximizes the productivity of your agent pool and assures the timely resolution of player requests in any language, whatever the challenge:

Unplanned spikes

Unexpected coverage gaps

Unsupported languages

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RESOLVE at a Glance

Receive, translate, and respond in any language.

RESOLVE combines industry-leading neural machine translation with a flexible and economical human post-editing and quality check option, to help you focus on maximizing agent resources. It’s seamlessly built into your CRM to streamline communication and removes language barriers between your teams and players.

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Maximize productivity of your agents

Remove the language barrier and maximize your multilingual customer support team to support different languages. Maintain quality responses with internal review and optimize costs.

Control the unplanned

Manage multi-language support coverage during planned and unplanned language spikes, including coverage gaps within the team.

Support new languages

Test support for new languages, or where volumes don’t warrant dedicated agents.


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