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Players expect localized text of higher quality, better cultural adaptation and more immersion. To truly succeed in today's global market, your game must reach as many key markets as possible. Our game localization services ensure that your game's tone and meaning are retained, no matter where in the world you ship it. To help get your game localized from start to finish, we also have Audio Localization and Localization QA services in-house.

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Game Translation

Video Game Localization Services from the experts. Reach more players by translating your game into any language while preserving its original meaning. We adapt to your requirements: from continuous localization for games as a service, to more traditional translation workflows.

Marketing and Advertising Translation

Translating (AKA transcreating) game advertising and marketing materials requires local knowledge and context to land just right. Our translators are native speakers who can maneuver the intent, style, tone, and context of the original message to get the best results.

Localization and Culturalization

Our native-speaking linguists go beyond basic translation to localize and culturalize your game, adapting its culture to each new market -- we’re talking images, colors, music, holidays, taboos, clothing, food, and more.

Post-editing Machine Translation

Cut time and costs with machine translation that uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to translate your game. Our native-speaking translators then proofread every translation to make sure it feels right and fits the context.

For Japanese language requirements, we work with entalize, our specialists in localizing games for the Japanese market. Our Japan-based team offer extensive support in all aspects of game localization.


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PTW’s Machine Translation services

MT solution advice

We assist in the implementation of Neural Machine Translation solutions: from identifying suitable content, to testing quality, to deploying customized MT engines that can be integrated into your localization workflow.

MT Engine customization and quality testing

We offer customization and quality testing of machine translation engines to deploy engines that are able to mimic the translation style and terminology of your games.

MT Integration into workflow

We help you to seamlessly integrate MT engines into your preferred CAT tool or TMS, ensuring that a “traditional” translation environment is kept.

MT Post-editing

Cut time and costs with machine translation that uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to translate your game. Our native-speaker translators will edit the machine-translated texts to guarantee that the 'look and feel' of the original game is transferred into the local version, as per the traditional translation workflow.


Game Localization is demanding, converging technology, audio and linguistics. Leveraging our experience in the field, we also provide solutions for the most advanced Text-To-Speech projects.


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