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Return to Studio

Return to Studio

We worked incredibly hard to get all of our teams operational from home and have been delivering each of our services effectively from home for a few months now. In some regions where we are operational, however, a return to studio is now safe, feasible, and imminent. We are now working hard on our return to studio plan, how we execute it safely and efficiently with our internal and external partners.

We don’t yet have all the answers, but in each decision we make, we are trying to keep as many people home as possible. The more people that we keep home, the safer the teams returning to studio can be.

Return to work will look different for each of our regions and for each of our lines of business. We will follow regional government guidelines, but we also are setting some internal guidelines to make sure we are consistently safe regardless of region.

Here are some of the measures we are implementing:

  • Shifts: Wherever possible, we will embrace shifts, staggering our arrival times to avoid lines, peak commute times, and groups.

  • Layout: We are currently mapping out each of our studios in order to ensure that all employees coming into the studio will have sufficient distance between each other.

  • Sanitization and PPE: All our employees will have access to personal protection equipment and hand sanitizer within our buildings. We also will completely sanitize our studios between shifts.

  • Temperature Checks: Lastly, any employee who is sick will not be allowed into our studios. We will ensure that employees who are sick do not come to work with temperature checks at entry.

Projects that are being delivered successfully at home will stay at home, and we will address new projects that need to be delivered in-studio on an as-needed basis. Keeping some of our teams at home will allow those who do need to come into the office to spread out and have more safety and physical distance within our buildings.

Starting this week, we will begin recording sessions again at our SIDE London studios having created a safe working environment. They will join our SIDE Shanghai teams which have been operating with a reduced team size in-studio for a few weeks. Our SIDE LA team will remain working from home for the time being.

We firmly believe that the face of work has been changed by this pandemic and that the companies that will find success in the coming years are going to be the ones that have embraced working from home as an integral part of their day to day operations. We are one of those companies and we see a bright, healthy future for our internal and external partners.

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