PTW Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer
PTW Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer

PTW Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer

PTW is proud to announce the appointment of Kasturi Rangan and Andy Emery to our executive team.

Andy Emery steps into the role of PTW’s Chief Operating Officer. Since joining us in 2015 through the acquisition of his company SIDE, he’s become an integral part of the team. Initially, he oversaw two new SIDE locations in Los Angeles and Shanghai and became Vice President of Strategy and Innovation. While more recently he’s managed the entire European region as President of Europe. Andy has a history of innovative thinking and sharp decision-making, founding SIDE in London in 1997 along with Phil Evans and Steve Parker. SIDE has seen great success in games audio, working on many of the industries’ most-loved franchises and being recognized with ten Industry Excellence Awards along the way.

“PTW is thrilled to have Andy as a part of our executive team,” said Deborah Kirkham, CEO of PTW. “Andy is immensely creative and is also a force for reason in a complex, and often disorderly, global business landscape. His broad industry and entrepreneurial experience is particularly unique, and we benefit from his vision and depth of expertise daily. We’re honored to welcome him to the C-Suite and look forward to his continued contributions to PTW.”

Kasturi Rangan joins Andy with his appointment to the C-Suite, advancing to the role of Chief Product Officer. As CPO of PTW, Rangan will oversee the product innovation and transformation arm of PTW globally. Rangan has been an integral part of PTW for nearly a decade, significantly growing and leading operations across our Quality Assurance, Innovation, and Customer Experience lines of business. In his most recent role as PTW’s Regional President, he led the North American and India operations. He was also recently appointed as the CEO of PTW’s new game and product development brand, OR Studios.

“The best CPOs are visionaries of the future and evangelists for great product; Rangan is both. Rangan is the voice of innovation and a power for disruption at PTW; he is the natural choice as our CPO, and I welcome Rangan to the C-Suite.” Said Deborah Kirkham.

Kirkham concluded, “With these two new appointments, PTW is now poised to move into a bright and successful future. Rangan and Andy bring very different and necessary voices to our team of leaders and we are already working together to build the future of PTW and the future of gaming.”

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