PTW Launches Product Development Arm, OR Studios
PTW Launches Product Development Arm, OR Studios

PTW Launches Product Development Arm, OR Studios

PTW is proud to announce the launch of our new product and game development branch, OR Studios. The new arm will focus on building world-class brand experiences through full-service product development that spans ideation, design, development, and release management.

Comprised of four departments -- Product Development, Game Production, Staff Augmentation, and Esports -- OR’s digital engineers are focused on delivering an indelible digital footprint across an expansive ecosystem of technologies and frameworks.

“The time to be disruptive is now,” says PTW’s CEO Deborah Kirkham. “At OR, we foster future technologies that anchor projects with ingenuity and discipline for generation Y and Z. Together with our clients, we envision and engineer digital experiences.”

“OR is the engine that will build PTW’s future by enabling us to bring each of our existing service lines- Quality Assurance, Customer Support, Audio Production, Localization, and Translation- to the forefront of their fields through cutting edge in-house tool development. We will deliver the creative products that accelerate our industry’s progress towards the future, engaging consumers and gamers worldwide,”

PTW’s current President of North America and India, Kasturi Rangan, will lead OR as CEO. Rangan has been the heart of innovation at PTW for nearly a decade and is the natural choice to lead PTW’s most future-looking endeavor yet. “The gaming industry is at a crossroads, with heightened consumer expectations and studio ambitions matched only by its exciting potential of new technologies and development frameworks,” Rangan says.

He continues, “Our innovation lab is focused on helping every brand understand the future generation of consumers and offering them a futuristic model for ongoing user retention in a changing landscape. We fuse avant-garde technology with digital craftsmanship to build and service digital solutions for future generations. By bringing the most innovative and beautiful products and games to market faster, we empower our customers to deliver experiences unlike anything that’s been possible before -- and all at an affordable price point.”

“We envision a future where, when you wake up in the morning, the things you touch and that touch you are powered by OR. We understand this future because we are building it. As the progenitors of next-level game and app design, we see ourselves as architects building the future of web and mobile experiences for brands and games worldwide,” concluded Rangan.

OR Studios has already gained recognition in the games industry as the home of OR Esports, which is currently the number two PUBG Mobile team in India and a rising team globally. The team has seen early success following its launch in mid-August, quickly becoming the fan-favorite team and a globally-ranked competitor.

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