PTW launches eLearning podcast: PodEum
PTW launches eLearning podcast: PodEum

PTW launches eLearning podcast: PodEum

The eLearning business is booming. But so many eLearning educators are in the dark about using the latest tech, creating great content, and taking innovative approaches to learning.

So PTW’s eLearning expert, Clive Elleforde has set his sights on answering the industry’s hardest and most pressing questions in his new podcast, PodEum.

Over the coming months, Clive will be releasing a series of podcasts that span everything eLearning – with special industry-expert guests along the way.

In the podcast’s inaugural episode, AR and VR in Education, Clive is joined by Joanna Webb from 3Rs Immersive – a big-time innovator on tech education scene -- and David Sime of Oncor – a cutting-edge VR content creator-- to discuss the impact of AR and VR in eLearning.

Together they explore the ins and outs of AR and VR in eLearning: How can eLeaning benefit from these immersive new technologies? What are the benefits and risks associated with this new tech? What are the barriers to its implementation? And much more.

Listen to PodEum episode 1: AR and VR in education

If you’d like to talk more about eLearning with Clive, get in touch at clive.elleforde@ptw.com

And stay connected to PTW on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest podcast updates.

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