New Montreal Site Announced
New Montreal Site Announced

New Montreal Site Announced

On July 18th, PTW opened a new site in Montreal. The need for this new site springs from the rapid growth and exponential expansion achieved during the past decade, and a growing landscape for gaming and tech support in North America. Just last year alone, PTW worked with every top console company, two of the top Battle Royale games, as well as working on seven out of the past ten “Game of the Year” winners.

“We have seen massive growth across multiple verticals in the past few years and while our history is rooted in gaming, we continue to expand into new, ground-breaking verticals to meet the demand of our customers and partners. For example, we have recorded 22 million words in an impressive 37 languages and worked with four of the top 10 technology companies in North America alone. We not only help our clients deliver their stories, we connect and bring fun to the world,” said Deborah Kirkham, CEO of PTW. “Add to that our ever-expanding global footprint and you have the whole picture of our breadth and depth as a company.”

“Montreal is the largest video games hub in Canada and we believe our expertise lends itself to the ongoing growth the region will see moving forward. In addition, we have witnessed the ever-increasing innovation and development from the tech industry in Montreal. These two factors were the driving force behind our decision to expand our presence – it was an easy decision for the PTW team,” said North American Regional President, Kasturi Rangan.

“We heartily welcome Pole to Win to Montreal, which will support our entire video games ecosystem”, stated Hubert Bolduc, President and CEO of Montreal International. “The Quebec video game industry has experienced a phenomenal 42% growth in the number of companies since 2015. The world's largest video games producers have successively chosen the city for its creative, vibrant and artistic culture, making it the 5th largest global hub and the top Canadian video game center.”

The Montreal site will offer Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Engineering, and Translation. With agents fluent in more than 30 languages, PTW is able to provide seamless multilingual translation, culturalization, and linguistic quality assurance for software and interactive entertainment content. The team is able to offer saleable solutions to clients of all sizes.

“PTW has already touched the lives of one billion gamers worldwide through our work. We see the opening of our new Montreal site as an opportunity to keep bringing our clients’ stories to the world,” concluded Kirkham.

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