Gaming is the largest form of entertainment in the world; it\u2019s larger than both Music and Film combined, but we found there was a paucity of information about the people who create games. So we decided to launch The Game Dev Show. Our objective is to create a platform, a talk-show, for the video games Industry and the people who have helped make it what it is today. Each week, we will talk to an industry veteran and tell their story; their highs and lows - What really goes into building an outstanding game? What Is the personal cost? Why games? Our objective is to give the people who helped create and continue to create within our industry the recognition and attention they deserve. To inspire other developers and people looking to work within the games industry. And to create a fun, mature, and engaging podcast. Hosted by game, and game-industry enthusiasts, Luke and Kaley.
Luke Greenaway
Kaley Hurst