You feel that?
It’s a kinaesthetic learner!
They take in information best when they’re on the move and engaging their muscles. Interactive learning suits them best -- like practical challenges and hands-on experiences.
Advantages of being a kinaesthetic learner

• Great at turning learning into action.

• Advanced motor memory (you can repeat an action accurately after doing it once).

• Excellent experimenters.

• High energy.

Kinaesthetic learning strategies

• Use real life examples, applications, and case studies to understand abstract concepts.

• Focus on trial and error rather than perfect execution.

• Explain important concepts in person where you can show people what you mean.

Other famous kinaesthetic learners
Serena WilliamsSerena Williams
Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin
Michael JordanMichael Jordan

Discover more learning styles
*Most people are usually more than one type of learner. If you want to learn more about learning styles,
we recommend talking to a learning specialist.