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What we do

Contact Center Solutions

Our 24/7 support for end-user customers is available across voice, chat, email, social, video, and VR. For a seamless customer experience, we can ‘white label’ our support to personalize it for your business. It means our teams will speak for your brand with your voice, and with your values - and at the same time offer in-depth product knowledge and expert guidance for your valued customers.

Multicultural Customer Support Programs

Our clients' customers are located around the world, and we know that people much prefer to interact in their native language. That’s why we have a vast network of native speaker advisors in locations across Asia, Europe, and North America who are ready to provide deep domain knowledge and local support in over 30 languages, and across all channels

Man in customer experience team at ptw, providing best customer experience to its clients and smiling with joy.
Multi-Tier Technical Support Projects

Our customized technical support ranges from basic customer service to the most advanced developer-related challenges. We specialize in providing comprehensive support for every scenario – including in-house technical teams for clients who want a fully integrated service.

Community Management Solutions

Wherever your customers are, our multilingual teams can connect and engage with them for a variety of campaigns, including events, product releases, promotions, and surveys. We can also help with cross-selling, relationship management, content distribution, and custom reporting to support your retention strategies.

Social & Forum Monitoring

Social media moves fast, and it’s important to keep up with your customers. Through synchronized global moderation of their interactions, posts, and user-generated content, we’ll provide you with regular oversight and insights, as well as highlighting trends and early warnings. For added support, we also offer front-line troubleshooting, alerts, and case management.

Social Media Support Programs

Global social engagement reveals and circulates emerging stories much faster than traditional channels. Responses often need to be immediate and effective. Using proactive, carefully worded messages to large online communities, we can help offset and manage inbound traffic. Our social analytics reporting also provides positive, actionable feedback on inputs and outcomes

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