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We’re people focused

We support our people, and create strong relationships founded on mutual respect. For us, team spirit means sharing knowledge, advice, inspiration and different perspectives. It’s what makes people want to work with us, and stay with our company as they grow. Because when you love what you do, it no longer feels like a job.
We’re client committed

For over 20 years, we have delivered great results for our clients. Our main aim is to advance their business, and enhance their customers’ satisfaction. We’re dedicated to helping every client develop the best products and consumer experiences possible. And because we believe in partnerships and collaboration, the journey is shared and the successes are too.
We’re innovative

We create unique solutions for our clients. Solutions that are brimming with ideas, backed up by effective problem solving for even the most challenging requirements. We also deliver our services in a unique way – combining a truly global service, with the personal touch of a smaller business. Big meets small, in the best way possible.
It's a rapidly changing world. To compete, first you need to keep up. From Quality Assurance to Customer Experience, Localization, Engineering and Audio Production, our expert, integrated solutions will keep your business, your brand and your products ahead of the game.
And because your business could be anywhere in the world, we offer a global service. Our flexibility makes it easy for us to meet your needs, and your ambitions. However modest they are. Or however big. We operate a 'follow the sun' model across the world’s time zones, so we can deliver local solutions on a truly international scale.
The PTW Executive Team
Teppei Tachibana
Teppei Tachibana

As Chairman of PTW, Teppei Tachibana is recognized as a diplomatic and trustworthy leader who has unwavering loyalty to our heritage, culture, and values. Teppei became President and CEO of Pole To Win America, Inc. in 2009 when Pole To Win opened its first overseas studio. Now in the role of Chairman of PTW, and President & CEO of PTW’s parent company, Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings Inc., Teppei oversees a successful global enterprise that has grown from a single studio in one country to 35 studios across 11 countries, with all overseas studios under a single holding company since January 2016.

Deborah kirkham
Deborah Kirkham

As CEO of PTW, Deborah Kirkham is recognized as an engaged leader who consistently looks for faster and more effective ways to achieve corporate goals and operational efficiency. She is an agile leader, building high-performing teams while transforming business processes and human resources to achieve demanding financial and operational goals. Previously President & COO of PTW, Deborah has successfully driven profitability and double-digit growth throughout 10 years with PTW. With a highly motivated global Executive Team, Deborah’s leadership continues to open new territories.

Steve Moseley
Steve Moseley

With extensive cross-functional and multinational experience, Steve Moseley brings a unique perspective to the CFO role at Pole to Win International. Steve is a highly effective hands-on leader with over 20 years’ experience in Finance, M&A, Legal, Operations, Sales, Technology and Administration. Steve has proven ability to conceptualize and implement vision through collaboration and alignment of all stakeholders to drive profitable results.

Masaru ‘Mikey’ Harada
Masaru ‘Mikey’ Harada

Mikey Harada joined Pole To Win in 2009 as Head of the Global Business Division and was responsible for the company’s global expansion. He played a key role in setting up subsidiaries and acquisitions as part of the development of Pole To Win International. As Chief Liaison Officer, Mikey develops strategies to utilize synergies across all PTW group companies, creating added value for clients. He is a valued knowledge resource on culture, business, law and finance, with over 30 years’ experience in marketing, management and international business development.

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